VANGUARD FORCE is a privately owned company with operations all over India controlled and managed by specialists with over 20 years experience in the industry offering a wide range of services with quality and prices second to none. Our management teams are experienced and diverse in their knowledge within the industry. We pride ourselves on maintaining close working relationships with our customers to ensure delivery of the agreed service requirements. We offer our clients objective and unbiased advice which is always in their best interest. We guarantee to fulfill all your requirements and maintain the highest levels of service. it is highly likely that we will have more than grass roots knowledge with regard to your business. Coupling this with our professionalism in numerous areas of operation, we can necessitate a favorable outcome on our clients' behalf no matter what the scenario is. Our knowledge and structure ensures tight management control and discipline, along with an unsurpassed quality of service. We also understand the need for customers to rely on us completely to safeguard their businesses. That's why every contract we undertake is personally overseen by one of our Directors to ensure we consistently deliver the very highest professional standards.

We are aware that a professional and experienced company is an absolute necessity; you need to know that you have a company that can take care of you, your premises and staff. That's why all of our staff have the relevant experience, knowledge and highly trained. We wish to lead the industry through our commitment towards service, innovative ideas, our dedication towards providing our clients with a truly comprehensive and tailored unchallenged service. We believe that basic foundations of the service must be properly laid. This will establish the level of service criteria and ensure conformity and continuity standards. We are aware that regular meetings with our customers are important to ensure we are mindful of their changing needs and to remain flexible to future requirements. We focus on anticipating the needs of our clients and making it our constant priority to meet those needs expediently and effectively.

We consider the selection of people to carry out and manage the duties entrusted to us by our customers vitally important. It is they who deliver and maintain the standards expected by our customers and VANGUARD FORCE. Our personnel enjoy excellent remuneration packages. Our service is only as good as the performance levels of our staff and we firmly believe that just providing people in uniform has never been the answer to delivering the standard of service we expect.

  • Our Mission
    To provide our clients with the most professional service and to meet and exceed our customer's expectations through effective, professional, reliable and discreet service while maintaining a cost efficient approach to business.

  • Our Vision
    Be the leaders in industry of professional service providers, characterised by high standard policies & procedures, trustworthiness, professionalism, commitment and dedication to clients.
    Guiding Principle:
    • To gain the trust of customer.
    • To provide best quality services.
    • To gain and maintain competitive advantage.
    • Honest commitment.

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