VANGUARD FORCE uses the skills and abilities of ex-police officers, who have proven track records and use a variety of equipment to blend into any working situation to achieve their objective. In case of theft or any criminal situation at a client’s location, we provide the services of our investigators to assist with the investigation of the incident. Logs are kept and evidence provided in both image and statement form for use in prosecutions. This service provides you with reliable intelligence and innovative practical solutions to the daily problems you may be experiencing.  The department closely liaison and network with various government agencies and adds expertise to the assigned tasks. The investigation assignments undertaken by the department covers the following:

  • Background and Antecedent checks for corporate houses
  • Verification of financial health of companies for joint ventures and takeovers

Our Investigation Services consists of the following aspects:

  • Verification with the concerned Jurisdictional Police Station whether the individual has come to any adverse notice or not.
  • Enquire about the complete Family Background of the Individual.
  • Verification of the conduct and character of the individual in the address furnished by the employee.
  • Enquire about the candidate’s past records from the previous employer for which, the previous company’s full address, period of his services, staff code number and telephone number etc has to be furnished.


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