Our board of directors are well versed in the field of security services and the application of appropriate security teams Our team are well versed in the field of security services and the application of appropriate security teams and services for all situations and environments. The security of our client’s business assets is paramount and never less than our number one priority. When you employ VANGUARD FORCE be assured your protection is in the hands of true professionals. Our highly trained and motivated staff has but one objective-the complete protection of your property and your personnel. Our Static Security Services fulfill all of the above functions, ensuring the safe and secure running of businesses at all times. Our guards will conduct regular patrols, operate control equipment, and monitor the output of surveillance systems to ensure parameters are safe and secure. Our guarding services come in a variety of ranges depending on your individual requirements. Through our client briefing, we will detail all individual requirements to our concierge security staff, ensuring that the best service is received by both you and your visitors.

A good corporate security policy is an essential part for securing any organization. Corporate protection is an essential issue for any company, no matter how small or large. At VANGUARD FORCE we have a highly trained and experienced corporate protection team of professionals devoted to help any corporate business to fully enhance security and protection for companies. Our people drive our success, so we therefore pay particular attention to securing, deploying and retaining the right people. Our unique training system, our management support systems and our staff commitment charter will surely result in ours becoming one of the most loyal, well trained and thoroughly professional workforces in the industry.

VANGUARD FORCE will make an assessment of your business activity and provide accurate security services with the introduction of our fully vetted, trained and professional personnel who can operate around the clock to secure your gate house or reception security duties. We fully understand the importance of promoting a professional image for your company and each corporate security officer that we supply has been meticulously vetted to ensure they meet our exacting standards, and those of our customers.



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